American Security Vault Doors


Turn your entire room into a security center

AMSEC Vault Doors offer the same protection as our innovative BF and NF Gun Safes. They are designed to fit standard 80″x 30″ and 80″x 36″ door openings. With our inward-swinging vault door option, your vault room can also serve as a storm shelter. The vault door’s inward swing ensures that you will be able to open the door even if debris has fallen on the other side. All AMSEC vault doors can be opened from the inside, ensuring personal safety.

Standard Features
  • 2″ Thick Door
  • 10 1 1/2″ Chrome Plated Bolts
  • Adjustable Frame to Fit Walls Ranging From 4 3/4″ to¬†9 1/2″ Thick
  • Safety Lock Release
BF Series Vault Door Features
  • 1/2″ Steel Plate on Face of Door
  • 1 3/8″ of Seamless Dylight as Fire Protection
NF Series Vault Door Features
  • 1/4″ Thick Steel Plate Door
  • Three Layers of Drywall


Specifications provided above are provided by 2018 Gun Safe Catalog