Performance Shooting Courses


About this course.
Designed for the competitive shooter and intermediate to advanced skill levels. The concepts behind the course are to accelerate the shooters balance of speed and accuracy. 1 day course.

What you need.
450 rounds, 3 magazines


About the course.
This course is designed to introduce and effectively train the student on the platform. Focus will be on becoming more comfortable with the long gun in a more dynamic environment.

Topics covered include:

  • intro to carbine
  • function and operation
  • zeroing
  • efficient stance and grip
  • reloads
  • malfunction
  • speed and accuracy
  • moving and shooting

What you need.
300 Rounds, eye and ear protection


About the course.
The ideology behind the defensive shotgun course is to educate the student on the basic operation, ballistics, patterning, loading, and education of common myths behind using the defensive shotgun as a home defense tool.

What you need.
50 Slugs, 100 buckshot, 200 birdshot